IIFS Disciplinary Areas

IIFS disciplinary areas are driven by excellence in their respective fields. Two criteria are used to measure the quality of Skills4Industry educational institutions, these are students’ destinations and distance traveled. We have designed complex dynamics of tools around these measures to ensure successful outcomes. The student’s destinations and distance traveled quality measures help focus learning on students through centers of excellence initiatives. IIFS centers of excellence initiatives are research-driven and designed to focus resources on identified learner destinations globally. Skills4Industry institutions are built on the world’s largest integrative competence data containing over 3.6 million concepts in over 200,000 functional tasks across all industries occupations. Our integrative competence concepts data architecture sources are students’ destination-centric to ensure reinforcement of practical skills through continuous updates. IIFS disciplinary areas are designed to help students identify a field of interest and focus their studies on functional responsibilities for work, entrepreneurship, and creative performances.